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This memorial web site was created in loving memory of Francesco Anthony Loccisano aka "Frankie" and at times also called "Frisco". Frankie was a charming and vibrant 17 year old boy who was dearly loved and adored by his large family and many friends. He was filled with positive energy and enthusiasm. Brought up with his 2 younger brothers, Nicholas and Christopher, his loving family watched as he grew into an opinionated and intelligent teenager. He brought nothing but joy and happiness into the lives of all those around him. Frankie was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) in July of 2005 at the age of 14. He fought a long and hard battle against this illness for twenty seven months. Along this journey Frankie learned many life lessons, most especially about the hardships of humanity. This caused him to grow a tremendous compassion for those who were less fortunate, ill or in pain. He prayed for anyone he was told about, young or old, no matter what their misfortune. Through his own difficult time, he remained hopeful as well as prayerful. He kept Jesus as the center of his life and prayed to his special saints, Padre Pio and St. Joseph. Frankie was dependable, responsible, a bright student and a great friend. His favorite subject was history and he loved politics and economics. He also enjoyed a good and fair debate and he always presented facts to support his views. His dream was to one day study law and practice as a criminal prosecutor. He even had thoughts of becoming a member of Congress. He was an advocate for civil rights and human dignity. His political views were moderate and he always said "depends on the issue !" He enjoyed football, was a Yankee fan, loved Robert Deniro movies, The Sopranos, video games, online role play and neighborhood stoop ball. He appreciated simple pleasures but he also enjoyed the finer things in life, such as handsome neck ties and fine restaurants. He was a talented creative writer and also an avid novel reader. When Frankie passed on to eternal life, he took a great deal with him. Life will never be the same for those he left behind. God truly took a loved, needed and remarkable young gentleman to heaven. There is no doubt that he is in a place of incredible and unimaginable beauty where the very atmosphere is filled with God's love and presence. How happy he must be. Rest in Peace, our Beloved son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin and friend. Until we meet again ........ (to read the eulogies given at Frankie's Mass of Christian Burial, please click on "His Legacy")
Tributes and Condolences
25+ years ago   / Kathleen (Kathy) Hansen (Childhood friend to Mom )
Dear Camille~It took a while for you to like grow to like me, but when you finally did, we were pretty close for almost those 4 years at OLPH..  We were goofy, silly girls back then, hair and makeup were more important than switching homewo...  Continue >>
Dear Camille and Family   / Amy W. (CM Friend of Camille's )
This is a lovely lasting tribute to Frankie's memory.  I'm so glad we have CM to go to for support and prayers in times of need.  You were there for me in prayer through the loss of my father 8 months ago, and I'm honored to be here fo...  Continue >>
I never met you, but I, too, miss you...   / David Blair (friend of Camille )
It's kind of odd- I knew so much of you, but I never heard your voice, never saw your face other than in pictures. Still, knowing of the courage of your struggle, you became like a son to me, and my heart broke into many pieces when you were called b...  Continue >>
Condolences  / Christina Blakey
I found out about Frankie from CK2.  I also have three boys and my middle son has autism just like Frankie's brother.  You have such a beautiful son and family!  I played the photo slideshow to my three boys and told them abo...  Continue >>
With Condolences   / Justin Liona (Graduate of Xaverian High School )
With my Sincerest Condolences at this time of sorrow. 
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Happy birthday, Frankie!  / Leona (mom's CM friend )    Read >>
A song for Frankie  / Catherine Perry (Friend)    Read >>
love and prayers  / Rose Marie Muhl (Your mom's CM Friend )    Read >>
Christmas Memories  / Aunt Lucy     Read >>
you are in our prayers  / Monica Wharton (friend of family )    Read >>
Warmest wishes to your family......  / Family To Angel Gordon     Read >>
Happy Birthday my sweetheart  / Mom     Read >>
God Bless You  / Barbara McQuaid (Friend)    Read >>
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His legacy
Remember,, Frankie is not gone at all ...  

This is only the beginning.

Frankie's spirit and mission is more alive than ever! His life and all that he is to so many people, near and far, has just begun! 
The Francesco Loccisano Memorial Foundation is prepared to launch in 2008. This foundation celebrates a beautiful life, a passionate young man and his dedication to helping others, most especially children diagnosed with cancer. 
Frankie and his Padre Pio are the spiritual force guiding us. We plan to honor Frankie's wishes, to raise awareness and to make a difference. 

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Francesco's Photo Album
The beginning of a beautiful life.. welcome Frankie !
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